Requirements and technical specifications

System requirements

  • Server: Microsoft Windows 64 bit, MS SQL Express or better
  • Client: modern browser (IE11, Firefox, Chrome), Java 1.6+, Microsoft Visio 2007+

Supported network devices

  • All devices and manufacturers

Supported protocols

  • All IP routing protocols, VRF, MPLS


  • C/C++ code, 64-bit, fully parallel (multithreaded, multiuser), scales up linear with cpu/core count
  • IP routing information from 1,000 routers are read out and analyzed within minutes
  • Processes 10.000 Devices in less than 5 minutes on one NIAMS server
  • Generates a report about 10.000 Devices in less than 10 seconds on one NIAMS server
  • Supports up to 255 NIAMS server in one cluster
  • Three-layer architecture
  • Two-layer database (flat file and MS SQL)

Hardware requirements

  • Minimum: Notebook with Dual-/Quadcore CPU, 4GB RAM, 20GB free HDD space
  • Scalable up to 255 high-end NIAMS server in one cluster


  • Any access to the CLI of the devices can be made via Telnet or SSH1/2 using integrated macro language.
  • Informations are read out via manufacturer-specific routing collectors and CLI commands or SNMP (v1-3)
  • Access to NIAMSĀ© via HTTPS
  • Integrated web server
  • Connector with XSLT processor for data exchange between NIAMSĀ© and any number of management systems and databases
  • C/C++ development


  • User and group authorizations
  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • HTTPS, authentication via RADIUS supported
  • Four-eyes principle (two-man-rule)


  • English