About us

The product NIAMS© is developed since 2001 by T&A SYSTEME in Germany at well known companies for the practical application in any network infrastructure. NIAMS© stands for a worldwide unique network infrastructure analytics and management system for the standardization and automation of any enterprise processes which treat network devices or information about network devices.
For the automatic documentation, quality assurance and optimisation of the design of IP routing infrastructures NIAMS© in the module RouteAnalytics delivers the worldwide only path analyzer which examines every possible path based on the IP routing tables and all other relevant information on every hop.

If you have any further questions and would like to get started with NIAMS©, do not hesitate to contact us.

From our vast experiences we know that there is a wide range of different requirements to network management, and that these demands are very much customer-specific. On the other hand, the functions and applications of NIAMS© are quite comprehensive. We would therefore be pleased to get you started in a joint workshop, introducing NIAMS© and developing a solution concept.

A security quick check will grant insight into your network and reveal possible security and performance issues.