Short overview of other features


  • NIAMS is collecting routing and interface information from any layer2 and layer3 devices vendor and protocol independent. Based on this information RouteAnalytics performs an end-to-end path analysis and shows path-changes or critical communication paths. Unlike other route analytics tools NIAMS is not depending on topology database information from OSPF or BGP and therefore can consider RIP or static routes too.
  • Change-monitoring of IPv4 and IPv6 paths
  • Compare IPv4 with IPv6 paths – e.g. for IPv6 migrations "IPv6 Migrator”
  • The communication path analysis can also be done for definable service domains, e.g. all system and employees using IP telephony or controlling a production process
  • Creates a test enviroment for your productive network infrastructure by exporting layer3 devices and their configuration into GNS3/Dynamips to be run as emulated/virtual routers
  • Access to your network devices to get needed routing and interface information is done by using telnet or ssh for most vendors and by using snmp for all others

Enterprise Device Management

  • Supports planning, implementation and operation for your enterprise. NIAMS is vendor agnostic and it works on Layers 2 and 3 while supporting thousands of devices.
  • Helps you to realize config-, risk-, change-, continuity- and asset-management
  • Works on any networking device that is administrable by telnet or ssh
  • Any task a network operator can do using cli can be done and automated by the NIAMS DeviceManager module
  • Self-verification and single step mode allows automation of critical changes like firmware updates
  • Any DeviceManager job can have up to 8 different states, each with an individual color and description that will also be seen in email alert messages and sql reports


  • Pre-defined and user-definable reports and alerting (sql, txt, email, snmp traps) on pre-defined data = early binding
  • Pre-defined and user-definable reports can also be done on any data that is already stored in NIAMS (who does actually know what might be interesting in the future…) = late binding
  • Statistic reporting with MS Excel
  • Layer2/layer3 network documentation in MS Visio is automatically generated and can be updated with any information from your network devices without destroying your manual work if you made the Visio picture looking more friendly before
  • MS SQL database delivers device inventory information and job statistics
  • You get a risk report for the devices configurations based on Nipper open source version
  • Web, MS Excel and XML reports for all router and switches and connected IP networks and end-nodes (MAC addresses)
  • Web, MS Excel report about used/unused switch ports in a definable time period

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