Migrate your IPv4 network topology to IPv6

Helpful tools to assist in the migration of your network from IPv4 to IPv6

The migration from IPv4 to IPv6 networks is a major challenge for most companies. The subject is very complex and requires considerable effort. All network components and their interactions are taken into account.

Although the migration covers an enormous risk due to its complexity – It is time: The growth of the Internet and the proliferation of connected devices led to the fact that the address space for IPv4 addresses is exhausted since early 2011.

NIAMS with its Path Analyzer can help to analyze the communication path for your services and show different categories of potential problems, design or configuration weaknesses and changes from previous records.

The status of the IP communication at a specific point in time can be displayed and analyzed any time. In case of changes between two successive snapshots alerting is also possible.

The "PathVisualizer" shows the path of the IP packages through the network with all the important information (Hop Forwarding Entry, ACL, Route-Policy, NAT, bandwidth, interface errors) graphically and allows the accurate analysis and complete documentation.



The direct comparison of your IPv4 and IPv6 configurations simplifies both the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 and the error analysis and review of progress. Changes are very easy to follow and can be reviewed for a complete change management at any time directly into your network documentation.


Download this sample network plan, created in MS Visio from NIAMS