Connect NIAMS to your central management solution

Several established solutions for the central management of corporate IT infrastructures can be found on the market today. These have frequently been used in larger structures, and facilitate or automate different operational tasks. NIAMS© provides a valuable addition and smooth integration. NIAMS© Connectors have already generated bidirectional interfaces to management systems such as CA Spectrum, Microsoft System Center or Nagios. If required, further connectors can be implemented in no time as NIAMS© adheres to data model standards.


  • MS System Center Operations Manager Management Pack
  • CA Spectrum (using Global Collections)
  • Men&Mice IP address management (IPAM)
  • Novell Operationsmanager (BSM)
  • Nipper
  • GNS3/Dynampis
  • CSV / XML

The results obtained from the NIAMS© Business Service module can be integrated via connectors into complex, established Business Service Management systems like Novell Operations Center (Managed Objects), and thus extend management functions to the network level.

The development of adequate integrations is made in close cooperation with leading solution providers and specialized consultancies. First implementations and references are available.

Any NIAMS© function and data is available by using a http or https url, so you can integrate and remote control NIAMS© from any existing management system like CA Spectrum or from a link in an email message text.

Through interaction, the special benefits of NIAMS© are introduced into the central management platform. The routing analysis and the profound determination of status and configuration data of network components are functions that are currently nowhere to be found in system management solutions.

NIAMS_device_manager_nipper_security_reports_250pxVia the Connector, NIAMS©constantly integrates detailed information from proven sources, and thus provides the possibility to perform comprehensive security audits.

That way, the external solution Nipper by Titania facilitates the determination of security-related data for almost any existing network switch, router and any firewall.

NIAMS© utilizes that data and merges it with the determined device inventory. A security report is thus generated that provides information about possible weaknesses and risks within the network architecture.

NIAMS_connector_virtuelles_netz_250px1For the simulation and visualization of networks, NIAMS© device- and routing data can be forwarded to the Dynamips simulation environment.

Various scenarios and possible changes can thus be planned, implemented and evaluated in a virtual network.