NIAMS - Network Infrastructure Analytics and Management System

With NIAMS you can have any important, up-to-date information about your network at your fingertips!

Visualize your network

Automatically create always up-to-date network diagram in Visio or view your network including issues and changes in history in our 3D-view.

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Document your network

Full dynamic reports for every important detail of your network including assets, issues, nodes and used/unused ports.

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Manage your network

Massive parallel rollout for changes or updates, configuration backup, compliance and change management.

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Analyze your network

Investigate layer 2/3 paths in your network, application traffic, configuration errors or backup scenarios today and in the past.

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Troubleshoot your network

Find configuration or routing issues, interface errors or unwanted changes without logging in on your devices.

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Optimize your network

NIAMS shows bottlenecks, loops, path changes, missing QOS and much more for easy network optimization.

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