Create an always up-to-date network plan easily

Fastest way to complete network documentation

Manually created network plans do have one thing in common: They must be permanently maintained with plenty of time and are always out of date. In addition, they are only as accurate as the information available at the time of the update.

With NIAMS you’ll have an up-to-date network plan available at any time you need it. Whether Layer 3 or Layer 2, for the entire network, only the core or individual offices - You determine what you’ll need. All devices including the necessary device information are collected by NIAMS at any time and updates your Visio network documentation.


Our MS Visio template imports the NIAMS data and instantly you’ll have a complete map of your network available, which contains the information that are really configured in your network at this point in time.

All manual updates and adjustments you have made in your MS Visio network plans, like layout changes, background images or additional information added to the file, will remain BUT the device information will be UPDATED dynamically.

Your customized layout will stay unchanged additions and comments remain unaffected. Equipment which no longer exists will be removed, connections and links will be updated and new devices will be added and all of this happens automatically.

NIAMS revolutionizes the way of your network documentation.

With a network documentation through NIAMS you’ll have an always updated network plan with zero effort. Your documentation shows is an accurate reflection of the current state of your network. Line numbers, bandwidth, VLANs or external networks can be shown optionally beside all the important information about the individual network components. NIAMS documents all connections between the devices if Layer 2 or Layer 3, always from the perspective of network components. The only true perspective for a network documention.


Download this sample network plan, created in MS Visio from NIAMS