Route Analytics

The NIAMS© Route Analytics module enables a unique and comprehensive analysis of network IP routing.
The module gathers information from any routers, switches, firewalls or other devices that contain routing tables. Critical and inefficient network issues are thus detected and resolved.

Path analyses visualize communication paths required for specific services. Possible issues, design or configuration weaknesses, as well as changes against former records are indicated and subsumed under different categories.

The status of IP communication at a specific date can be displayed and analyzed even after weeks. If changes apply to two consecutive snapshots, an alarm can be generated.

The “PathVisualizer” functional area represents graphically a network path for analysis by including all relevant information (Hop, Forwarding Entry, ACL, Route-Policy, NAT, Bandwidth, Interface Errors) and enables its precise analysis and complete documentation.



  • network optimization to reduce line costs and prevent malfunctions
  • ensurance of performance and availability of vital corporate services by monitoring IP communication paths
  • real time documentation via MS Visio and
    IP address management