“NIAMS© is an essential tool that provides security and meets compliance standards in complex, almost unmanageable corporate networks.

The NIAMS© solution visibly increases the availability of data and storage infrastructures.

What is more, NIAMS© greatly assists in upcoming migrations to IPv6. “

The NIAMS© solution platform is a world-wide unique system for analysis and management, as well as for standardization and automation of any business processes that involve network components.

NIAMS© yields a high amount of added values for performance, availability and risk management within your network. Insecurities can be minimized as you gain full transparency and control.

The individual solution modules provide an adaptable and flexible offer.

Various NIAMS© connectors facilitate the integrated interaction of e.g. Microsoft System Center, CA Spectrum,
NAGIOS and Novell Operations Center (Managed Objects). Thus, NIAMS© is a valuable addition to established IT management systems.

Renowned customers already use NIAMS©. Make sure you also benefit from NIAMS©. We look forward to welcoming you!