Device Manager

The NIAMS©Device Manager module enables simultaneous management of any network components in data networks and storage grids (e.g. routers and switches). The module reliably reads out information from these devices, facilitates data analyses, and provides a wide range of processing options.

NIAMS© Device Manager supports system administrators in daily work and error analysis, as well as in assisting with infrastructure changes. The solution comprises and manages any product and manufacturer. Access to the components is provided via Telnet, SSH and SSH2.

Data from the devices can be synchronized with existing management systems and supplemented via the supplied connector at any time. NIAMS© Device Manager provides automation of any query and command sequence, as well as result evaluation.

All functions of NIAMS© Device Manager can be time-controlled. If necessary, an alarm can be generated for freely definable events. The powerful Reporting function of NIAMS© Device Manager provides intuitive functionality for reporting.


Operational areas:

  • configuration and change management, asset management
  • risk management (management and enforcement of compliance rules)
  • process automation, continuity management