Device Manager

The NIAMS©Device Manager module enables simultaneous management of any network components in data networks and storage grids (e.g. routers and switches). The module reliably reads out information from these devices, facilitates data analyses, and provides a wide range of processing options. NIAMS© Device Manager supports system administrators in daily work and error analysis, as well […]

Route Analytics

The NIAMS© Route Analytics module enables a unique and comprehensive analysis of network IP routing. The module gathers information from any routers, switches, firewalls or other devices that contain routing tables. Critical and inefficient network issues are thus detected and resolved. Path analyses visualize communication paths required for specific services. Possible issues, design or configuration […]

Business Service

  Business processes are vital for daily work and actual value creation. They are supported by systems, networks and services. The NIAMS© Business Service module enables target-oriented visualization and evaluation of communication paths relevant to ensure IT that is critical for business processes. NIAMS© Business Service identifies relevant network components and corresponding routing details, and […]

IPv6 Migrator

Tomorrow’s IP networks are based on IPv6. The migration to this protocol, however, is not trivial and requires substantial efforts. All network components and their interactions must be considered. Companies and institutions need to have a strong command of address migration regarding the enormous complexity and high risks. But the time is now: due to […]


  Several established solutions for the central management of corporate IT infrastructures can be found on the market today. These have frequently been used in larger structures, and facilitate or automate different operational tasks. NIAMS© provides a valuable addition and smooth integration. NIAMS© Connectors have already generated bidirectional interfaces to management systems such as CA Spectrum, […]